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Are you looking to create more conversion from Facebook Ads? Facebook Ads Funnel can help you to increase conversions on your Facebook ads. here we provide 5 Step Guide to Creating a Facebook Ads Funnel for 2019,

Facebook Ad Funnel Formula for 2019

There are over 2 billion people log on to Facebook every month, it’s no wonder Facebook ads are such a big deal in the marketing world. Most businesses try and fail at Facebook advertising because they skip major steps. But I’ll show you my ‘Perfect Facebook Ad Funnel Formula’ which allows you to turn ice cold Facebook traffic into hot leads, and paying customers.

If you want to set up the perfect Facebook ads funnel for your business we are starting right now if you want to transform your website into a customer or lead generation machine I’ll show you all my best tips and tactics and secrets to get their best let’s dive in

All right so today I’m going to show you my favorite method of converting cold facebook traffic into paying customers right on your website so there are a few steps involved and it’s gonna get a little visual

Okay now one of the coolest things about this funnel I’m going to show you is it can work for just about any business so even if you’ve run Facebook ads before and it hasn’t quite worked out for you and there are many reasons

why a Facebook ad can fail?

The biggest reason is when companies just want to go straight in for the sale we know now we know better that we need to warm up audiences first we can’t just go right for the sale they need to get to know us a little bit and trust us before they’re likely to take any action of any kind and yes this does add extra steps but as a result conversions will increase and your costs are gonna go way down okay so let’s just get right into step one and

Ideal customers pain point

Facebook ad can solve your ideal customers pain point so what this is not is an offer style ad yet rather it’s an ad for content so think about a BuzzFeed style article something with a catchy title that you would be likely to click on yourself if you were your main customer for instance if you’ve run a gym, maybe you were to write a guide, tell them a complete workout that you can do within your lunch hour so this can be a guide it can be a checklist article video anything like that. that you think is going to be the best fit for your audience, so again it’s an article style with a catchy title and a nice-looking image it is not meant to look like an ad or an offer way to click through to get to that content.

so one trick I have for you go to the website buzz sumo command you can just type in your keyword phrase and it will show you a bunch of articles that are already performing very well and it will list him an order of what’s performing best.

so you can really get a sense of the types of content that’s performing well now I should say the point here is not to copy these articles but to emulate them and get great ideas that you can run with yourself okay so with this ad you’re gonna run it to a cold audience based on demographics behaviors and interests so there’s so many ways you can target people within Facebook we’re not going to cover that in this article but there are many great ways you can use Facebook to target your audiences and unless you’re a very local business you should be aiming for around 1 to 2 million people, so you’ll be able to play around with different interests and be able to narrow it down to get to that number or expand it to get up to that number whatever makes sense okay and there are several different objectives you can go for in this case we’re going to go for the traffic objective meaning we want Facebook to show this add to as many people who are likely to actually click through to your site

Visually interesting and memorable

In terms of budget, I would definitely recommend going with whatever is comfortable for you but I would start it around 5 to 10 dollars a day and I think that’s a good starting point. once you see it working you can always ramp it up over time so that ad is gonna go to your content page and you’re gonna want to make sure that you break it up into easily digestible paragraphs, use images, use bullet points.

No one wants to read big walls of text.

The main thing is you want them to get all the way through it because at the bottom you’re gonna want to include an ad for your main offer and here’s the thing about that ad you want to make it visually interesting and memorable because we’re going to reuse those same visuals in a later stage in the process so people are gonna read the article see the ad we’re necessarily counting on them acting on the ad right away but the other thing we’re going to want to do is having an exit intent pop-up

So an exit intent pop-up only appears when the browser can figure out that the viewer is mousing back up toward the back button so it’s kind of one last attempt so if they did not make it all the way down here to see the ad they’re sure to see it now.

Here we’ve also put a Facebook pixel on this page so that now Facebook knows who’s been to that page and then we can tell Facebook show new ads only to the people who have been here read the content and seeing the offer ad already.

Facebook retargeting ad

The next step is a Facebook retargeting ad we’re still going to go with the traffic objective for this ad the difference with this ad is it’s an offer ad and it’s going to very closely mimic the ad that was on your content page in terms of visuals and headline the idea is we want people to have a positive association with the great content they saw on your site with the offer this is that warming-up thing that we talked about before and to be clear when I say offer that’s exactly what I mean it needs to be an actual offer like a free consultation or a coupon or a special deal of some type. it should not just be a brand awareness play those really don’t ever work out on Facebook

Here’s a Facebook retargeting campaign with 12 different ads running simultaneously:

The more ads you create, the longer you’ll be able to run this campaign to the same audience. And if you create enough ads, this retargeting campaign can run for a substantial amount of time without requiring you to make any adjustments.

Add some urgency to your offer page

When I talk to clients who say they’ve done a lot of Facebook advertising that hasn’t worked out for them that’s generally what they’re talking about they just think it’s enough to advertise the business as a whole but it really Facebook really lives and dies on offers and it also really helps if you were to add some urgency or scarcity to it so if you put some kind of a deadline on it that’s gonna help you get even more people through to your offer page

Okay so this is not your home page it’s a specific offer page that outlines exactly what the deal is now this can be a little tricky because you need to include enough information on that page to give them everything they need to know in order to make that decision while keeping it as short and digestible as possible because over 60% of traffic is likely to be coming from mobile and you’re they’re not gonna scroll too far down so you want to have some quick social proof like a testimonial FAQ s everything they need to make the decision and generally speaking the higher the price point the more information. they’re gonna need but the general thing is you want to think about every reason someone might have to say no to your offer and then answer every one of those objectives on that page.

Over time the Facebook algorithm will get better and better at sending the right kind of people to your page who are more likely to convert and this all that I just told you works great for kind of lower end or mid-range products or services but if you’re selling a more high ticket products or service you may find that your potential customers are gonna have even more questions that they need to be answered before they’ll really step up to the plate so in that case

Facebook messenger ad

I recommend one additional step and that is a facebook messenger ad so basically Facebook Messenger ads are a type of advertisement designed to start instant message-based conversations with potential customers. They are used primarily because they feel more personal than standard display ads and are therefore known for having higher-than-average conversion rates and response rates. Messenger ads are ideal for businesses in competitive industries such as e-commerce .

This kind of ad is an offer, announcement or a message that calls for a response or coaxes folks towards a landing page.

They can be used to:

  • Nurture ongoing relationships
  • Re-engage with people who’ve reached out in the past
  • Notify your most receptive audience about promotions or offers

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