7 Secrets That’ll promote your product on Facebook ads

Advertising on Facebook is not about reaching the majority of people, but about what the right people need. Your Facebook advertising campaigns are made up of many elements, including copying, design, target audience, bidding methods, etc. In this article, you will find inspiration for various Facebook promotions and learn how to increase product sales. You can take advantage of the new live video feature on Facebook, where you and other employees can talk about new arrivals in your store.
Here are 7 tactics to help you promote your latest product on Facebook. It’s time to show the brilliance your products deserve!

Create A Custom Call-To-Action
Adding a call-to-action to your Facebook ads may not increase your clickthrough rate or increase your ad’s attractiveness, but it will probably increase your overall conversion rate and lower your CPA.

When setting up advertising, go to the “text and links” section. This will allow you to select one of several drop-down options, such as “buy now”, “learn more”, “register”, etc. You can also enter your own call to action. This will actively push your customers to click and increase your potential sales.

Make your Facebook ad copy actionable.
When writing a copy for your Facebook promotions, use an influential language that encourages people to take action. Use action verbs such as “take”, “get”, and “try” to indicate the next step that the viewer will take. A copy of an advertisement example we have prepared for one of the campaigns I work with.

Run a retargeting campaign.
According to the study, 30% of consumers respond positively to advertising recovery, while only 11% react negatively to duplication campaigns. To create a Facebook restructuring campaign, you need to install Pixel on your website and start tracking visitors.

You have some great fans to get you started:
* All 30-day website visitors
* People who add something to the cart but don’t complete the purchase
* Your blog readers and newsletters

Facebook Carousel Ads
Carousel is designed to display multiple e-commerce products (or several parts of the same product) in a single scrollable advertisement.

Carousel advertising gives advertisers the ability to display up to 10 images or videos — with 10 different CTAs — in a single ad and link to different landing pages from each panel of the carousel. They are effective for both desktop computers and mobile devices and are available for most Facebook advertising purposes, so if you are not involved in online sales, do not feel that your hands are tied.

Facebook Pixel
Facebook Pixel is a separate piece of code that, when implemented on the pages of your site, allows you to track conversions — whether it’s website traffic, content downloads or product purchases — and link them to your ads. The pixel will track everyone who lands on the offer page. If people choose a free resource, they are redirected to the thank you page.

For more information on the Facebook pixel and a comprehensive look at tracking and reporting campaigns, see the Vianinja Facebook Pixel Page for better marketing.

Facebook Ad placements
Different placements will affect your campaign in different ways. Mobile users, for example, maybe less likely to buy than desktop users but are more likely to participate. Instagram posting is invariably more expensive than Facebook, but at the same time, they are also more active on average. Similarly, ads on the news feed on the platform will perform better than ads in the right columns on Facebook, but ads on news feeds have great potential, which can lead to an increase in CTR.

Targeting the right people with the right message is the key to a successful advertising campaign. Targeting is more than just determining the overall demographics of your audience. If you are mistaken in a variety of character traits, you will not get the desired results, no matter how amazing your ads look.

It is important to identify your audience or audience. For our purposes, we have identified the target audience: those who were a one-time buyer. It may just be one or more audiences, but it’s important to determine what it is. For your ad to work, you need an audience that is receptive to it. One of the best ways to restrict your audience is to determine the interests of your ideal customer. Make sure you are as focused as possible.

Remember to remember your specific audience and goals when developing your Facebook ads, and carefully test these various design strategies and tips to see how your audience responds. Here are some of the most important and effective Facebook advertising articles you should read before starting an advertising campaign.



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