7 Ways to Lower Your Ad Costs | Cost Per Click

Given below are some tips that you need to apply so as to reduce your Cost per Click in AdWords. Add Long Tail Keywords. Target the keywords that have low bids. Use Negative Keywords..

The CPC determines how much revenue the publisher receives each time a user clicks on an advertising link on his website. For example, a publisher may place text or image ads on its website. When a visitor clicks on one of the advertisements, he or she is sent to the advertiser’s site. Each click is recorded by the advertiser’s tracking system, and the publisher is paid a certain amount based on the cost per click.

In other words, cost per conversion is a measure used to determine how much a web advertiser actually costs to purchase each real customer who actually makes a purchase. The price includes all traffic during the campaign, during which conversions are also monitored.

The conversion cost formula is simple: this is the total cost of generating traffic divided by the number of conversions. For example, suppose an ad campaign is worth $ 100 for 100 views, and at the end of the campaign received five conversions. In this case, the formula CPC = 100/5 US dollars, which leads to 20 US dollars per conversion.

It really doesn’t matter how big your business is, you should always look for new optimization opportunities on how to cut your expenses and increase your return on investment.

In this post, we’ll give you 7 of the most useful specific tips on how to reduce the cost per click for advertising on Facebook so that you can get the most out of your advertising budget .

Understand your relevance score

First of all, try to understand what relevancy is because it directly affects the CPC (CPC).

Facebook relevancy rating is a rating from 1 to 10 that shows how well your advertising on Facebook is received by your target audience . Once the ad has 500 impressions, Facebook will generate a relevancy score for it, with 10 being the highest

Ads with a low relevancy score are penalized for a higher cost, and ads with a high relevancy score are lower. The difference in price between ads with a low and high relevancy score can be significant, which encourages advertisers to stop showing ads with a low relevance score.

Use retargeting

Retargeting is the practice of displaying your ads to users who are familiar with you and your product. Since this is a “warm” audience, they are more likely to interact or click on your ad, increasing the CTR and reducing the CPC .

You can create your own audiences from those who interacted with your page, your website and your mobile application. If you want to succeed in Cost per Acquisition advertising on retargeting, you need to closely monitor how much you spend. Making smart decisions about how you want to get paid and how often your ads are shown will not only reduce your costs, but also satisfy your customers.

Targeting is very important

You have to choose the right audience for your Facebook page, it’s that simple.
You can’t expect non-optimized advertising on Facebook and expect tons of fans to fill your page with a super-targeted audience, it will not work. For example, you don’t want to show ads targeted to parents, and only target regular adults at a certain age; You want to be sure that you are really targeting your parents!

Showing ads to the wrong group of people will result in fewer results and, consequently, a higher price per result.

Split test images and copy

Like A / B testing, Facebook Split Testing gives advertisers on the platform the opportunity to deploy different versions of their ads to see what works best and increasing the CTR and reducing the CPC how to optimize campaigns for better results in the future.

“We added split testing support for marketing engagement so you can easily run a split test for ads that are optimized for post-engagement, page likes, and event responses,” says Facebook.

A good budget depends on the price, as we strive to buy enough clicks or conversions to make sure that every test we run is tested correctly. The price will vary depending on a lot of metrics, but having set aside a couple of thousands is not a bad idea.

KEEP Experiments

Always keep trying new things. An experiment can really bring you big dividends. You can try yourself in different niches, choose different ad placements and, finally, use tips from the Google Adsense center. Never get stuck in the same style, always try something new.

Experiments help you measure your results to understand the impact of your changes before you apply them to a campaign. Once you’ve completed your Draft setup, you convert it to an Experiment and choose a percentage of your traffic to run the test on, as well as a time frame.

Lowest bidding Strategy

Facebook has developed a low-cost bidding strategy, formally known as “automatic bidding,” to provide you with the lowest possible price for an optimized event, while spending the entire budget.

When using CPC bids, you tell Facebook how much one click on your Instagram Facebook ads is. You’re going to pay only when a user clicks on your ads

With this strategy, Facebook will optimize your campaigns to get you the lowest cost per event. What that event is, depends on the campaign objective that you select when you create your campaign.

Ad Placement

All ad slots have a different cost per click and impressions. This means that you can eliminate costly and inefficient placements for better results. The amount of your bid will determine not only whether you get advertising space, but also advertising space, which can mean the difference between success and failure.

Now you can see how your ad set was shown in different placements. Facebook also shows whether the placement appeared on your desktop, in a mobile app, or on the mobile web.

The cost per click for advertising on Instagram is determined by three main factors — relevance, estimates of the action and the actual rate — so you do not need to overestimate the competition to get advertising space.


The can be influenced by many factors, including audience targeting, bidding strategies, conversion tracking, and relevancy score. Knowing how to improve them equips you with the necessary tools to help keep your advertising budget.

Contact us to learn more about the average cost of advertising on Facebook and how it can work for your business! Regardless of whether you are new to Facebook advertising or have been unsuccessful for some time, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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