Campaign Budget Optimization | Facebook Ads

Campaign Budget Optimization

Campaign budget optimization is one of these new optimization methods. Prior to CBO, advertising-level optimization was carried out, which meant that you could place your ads in one ad unit and allow the Facebook algorithm to allow ads to compete. so if you want to test this feature, simply select the “Budget Optimization” radio button and enter your campaign budget.

Facebook Advertising Goals

To get started with advertising on Facebook, you must first answer why you want to advertise on Facebook. There are three main Facebook advertising goals to consider:

  • Have some flexibility in how your budget is spent on ad sets.
  • Want to get maximum results in terms of volume and ROI
  • Want a simplified campaign that requires a little practical management or monitoring
  • Facebook said that this tool is not perfect if you mean specific spending goals or cannot split budgets between ad sets.



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Madhuranjan Kumar —

Madhuranjan Kumar —

I’m Digital Marketing Specialist since 2011. I have successfully completed 250 Projects till date. Majority of my clients are from the USA, UK and Australia.