Design the Best Version of your Business Page with Facebook!

Facebook Page also known as Fan Page or Business Page lets Individual to build a custom brand. Customise Brand stands for the Posts, Profile, Audiences of your choice and preferences. By regular postings, Hashtag Marketing and strategy you can attract an unlimited audience. As per facts, Facebook has 2.07 billion active monthly users thus you can engage people from the world.

Fb Page works as virtual identity of your brand. Daily Interaction and updates on Brand Page drives targeted traffic to your business. Fb Page is so user-friendly that audiences can rate, comment, like, share, and follow in seconds. Activities by admin and the audience improves connectivity between the brand and customers.

Amazing Facts of Facebook Page you have never heard before:

  • Fb Page let you collect reviews for your product and services.

Did You Know:

  • You can also create notes on your commercial page.

How to Create Facebook Business Page?

Fb Page creation is so easy that you can create it within 15 mins if you have all the required information with you. You can also use your personal profile to convert it into a commercial page. If you chose to convert profile your connections will turn into a Instant Followers.

For better understanding and detailed representation please read complete guideline:

  • From your Facebook profile page, click the Pages header in the left-side navigation.
  • This page will showcase six different classifications to choose from:
  • You can choose your business type, for now let’s choose “Local Business or Places”. After Filling-up details next click on GET STARTED
  • Facebook Displays logo of 170x170 pixels on Page, 128x128 pixels on smartphones, and 36x36 pixels on other Gadgets. Make sure to add your company logo as per the Fb Logo size guideline.
  • Page owners can add cover photo/video as a page identity.
  • Once Facebook Welcome’s you to your new business page. I recommend you to see all page tips below and follow complete guidelines:
  • You can also add videos to your facebook cover page.
    Video Creates a Brand Value and helps in describing the potential of the business.
    Video Must Contain Brand Name, Logo, Services, Product and Ideas of your Brand.
  • ABOUT US in your fb page acts as a mirror image of your company, So avoid to keep information incomplete or empty. Always make sure the information filled is full and genuine.

Once your Brand Profile Page is complete, start to post the ideas and content which promote the brand. Posts must describe what your brand is about and how the viewers can relate with your brand. Each post on Brand Page builds Brand Image and creates Brand regonisation.


Once your Facebook Business Page is designed perfectly with all the required informations. You can also make Fb Promotions. For promotions you can use the existing post or can create a fresh Facebook adverts post. Posts can be of variety of forms like image, video, slideshow advert or canvas adverts. Perfect Page with perfectly designed posts shares a perfect brand image with the audience.



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