Entrepreneurs, the Twins, Tyler and Cameron, are some of the most dedicated crypto believers.

Following a successful lawsuit against the very own Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, the two pocketed millions. The Twins who are notoriously competitive competed at the Summer Olympic games in Beijing in 2008 and at Oxford University for historical rowing race since then they went on to assign a large part of their settlement to the flagship crypto asset.

Tyler and Cameron

The Twins claimed that they bought 1 percent of all BTC in 2013, a 100,000 investment. And even though the two had enough time to liquidate their stocks well above their cost, Tyler and Cameron have only doubled their holding, time and again. Their recent and frank appearance on Reddit, the most popular forum on the web has only highlighted the unbridled optimism of the duo into the world of crypto and how BTC will have a higher market cap than gold.

The Winklevoss Twins, the founders of the Gemini Exchange, took to Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) it for an open question and answer discussion, which aims to give consumers a glimpse of the two business relationships, personal thoughts, and global perspectives. Although the Twins attracted the attention of non-crypto fans, who know the two because of their engagement with the Olympic games and Facebook, the so-called “AMA” session focused on cryptocurrencies.

After a few jokes about “The Social Network”, a film focused on Facebook’s origins, and The fastest personal records of The duo ( rowing ) who are called Winklevii, because The two are often called, were asked about their thoughts on The market. It is not surprising that the Twins, who have clearly expressed their interest in the emerging sector, explained that they remain a bullish proposition.

Tyler explained that his and Cameron’s “thesis on the future of Bitcoin remained unchanged”, even despite the bear market, which destroyed many cryptocurrencies and their respective communities throughout 2018.

Their investment thesis, for those who missed the memo, is that Bitcoin is “better at gold than gold”- a feeling that many long-standing cryptocurrencies.

Tyler noted that as the industry continues to grow, Bitcoin will continue to eat into the gold market capitalization until the crypto-currency passes its physical counterpart.

The founders of Gemini exchange are not alone in pushing the thinking process. Messari CEO Ryan Selk is said that Bitcoin is a large hedge in a traditional “inflationary recession” market, which he predicted is just around the corner.

According to various crypto enthusiasts, investors will “flock” too valuable shops, such as digital gold. Just a few weeks later, the founder of the Crypto company, Lou-Kerner revealed that Bitcoin could be 100, 000, especially because of its inherent characteristics of being rare, relatively portable, decentralized and censorship-resistant — a perfect digital store of value

Cameron explained that the above features, which allow Bitcoin to be classified as “hard money”, will allow the digital asset to retain its non-monetary hegemony in the world of cryptocurrencies for years to come.

Despite the duo’s opinion on Bitcoin’s de facto classification as digital gold, Cameron noted that twins are currently looking for a Lightning Network to use BTC as digital cash more seamlessly.



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