How can kids have fun while relieving stress?

Everyone loves a good ball game, and when it’s time for them to play, they want something safe and fun. Kids can bounce and run around while using only their imaginations!

The kids who use Splat Balls are calm and focused during and after the game, making them the perfect distractions for anxious teenagers or preteens who are frustrated with their day at school or need a break from reality.

Optimize productivity in the classroom

  • Splat balls can make your classroom more fun and interesting.
  • Save time and money by using these fun, interactive classroom toys.
  • The perfect tool for getting students engaged in class
  • You want to keep students engaged, which can be difficult when rules are being put into place and quickly forgotten. The idea behind splat balls is that they provide both immediate practices for rules that are already difficult to teach (i.e., visualizations of different situations) and lasting impact when new rules are needed.

Use Splat Balls in the classroom for therapeutic purposes and more!

Splat balls can be the perfect tool to get your students settled into a stimulating lesson or activity. Using these colorful, therapeutic balls, you can quickly and easily get a classroom ready for some fun.

Splat balls are great for the mind! Use them as a way to improve concentration or as a fun, social activity during breaks.

Just grab a couple of these colorful, squishy balls and roll them across the classroom or gym floor. It’s easy to do, and students will soon be loving the wonderful splash of color they create.

How you can help with sensory integration in your child

Sensory integration is a great way to get kids interested in seeing and hearing things. If your toddler has trouble walking, try putting a splat ball on the floor near him and telling him to bounce it. If he takes too long to get the ball, slow down and pick it up again. If he gets too excited while playing with the ball, pick it up and put it down quickly, so he has to work harder to get the same result.

The more involved he gets with a particular activity, the sooner he learns how to avoid distractions and begins training himself to pay more attention.

How to pick the right ball for your child Section

When choosing a ball for your child, there are certain considerations to make. Firstly, what are your parenting goals? (i.e., are you looking to build arm strength, speed, or distance?) Secondly, is it important for your child to have a specific color or type of ball? Lastly, what are your spending priorities (i.e., are you looking to spend less on clothing and more on nutrition?) The more educated you are about fitness, the easier it will be for you to choose a ball that will fulfill all three criteria set in place by Thirsty Parent

Vinyl Tomato Splat balls

Are you looking for the perfect way to provide your family with an affordable and entertaining way to decorate their home? Look no further! We’ve created the perfect solution — our exclusive Tomato Splat ball!

The perfect addition to any home decor collection, this fun, and tasty treat is sure to please children and adults alike!

The tomato splat game is a great way to beat boredom while introducing children to the joy of playing games. Regardless of age, everyone loves playing games and getting pleasure from doing things they are interested in.

Heart Children Splat Balls

Heart children’s splat balls are perfect for all ages. Whether it is for your anniversary or just for a little game of catch, these little gems are sure to bring smiles to all those who see them. These colorful splats of colorful plastic are sure to brighten up any room in your house.

Splat balls are awesome.

They are fun, brightly colored balls that will continually distract your little ones while you splash around. It takes a great deal of coordination, hand-eye coordination, and footwork to hit each flip perfectly. But when you splat, you are still playing as if you are playing for real. This means that you are exerting mental and physical forces that are much harder to simulate in the virtual world than they are.