How to Stop Wasting Your Facebook Ad Budget

  • awareness
  • consideration
  • Conversion
  • Location
  • Demographics:
  • Interests
  • Behaviors:
  • The parameters of your audience are too wide
  • You are not using the Audience Insights tool.
  • You lack effective filters.
  • Make an effort, pay attention to what works, and do not be afraid to change the orientation until it becomes correct!
  • Audiences
  • Conversions
  • Targeting and optimization
  • Facebook Analytics data

Not Testing Your Ads

Testing is the real secret weapon behind the biggest advertising campaigns on Facebook. Before using your budget as an idea, run a few options to see how well your goal is responding. Set a low test budget for advertising on Facebook and experiment a bit. Your goal in each test is to gradually increase the effectiveness and profitability of your campaign.



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Madhuranjan Kumar —

Madhuranjan Kumar —

I’m Digital Marketing Specialist since 2011. I have successfully completed 250 Projects till date. Majority of my clients are from the USA, UK and Australia.