How to Stop Wasting Your Facebook Ad Budget

Most people do not want to be bombarded with advertising. In fact, they hate advertising so much that they install blockers and refuse pages when they make a breakthrough. More than 400 million devices used ad blockers in 2017, and if we analyze the figures for 2018, this number is expected to increase.

It doesn’t matter how big (or small) your business is or how much money you have to invest in advertising on Facebook. You want to earn revenue from your advertising budget, whether in terms of sales, potential customers, or simply increasing your brand awareness.

Here are some tips I learned from Facebook advertising campaigns that can help you save (or avoid losses) and get better results with Advertising on Facebook.

Know your goals.
Well, this is the most important step! A clear set of Facebook advertising goals will help you determine your advertising budget. The goal of your Facebook campaign determines which optimization and bidding options you will use during the campaign setup process.

First set your goals, because it will help you choose the best type of advertising on Facebook to achieve your results.

When choosing the purpose of your advertising on Facebook you will be offered three options:

Your chosen goals may be expanded or limited to specific options later in the advertising process.

Do not show ads longer than necessary
After your ads have started, check the frequency in Ad Manager to see how many times your ads have been shown. I usually turn off advertising when it reaches a frequency of 2.5–2.75, because by this time it is already often shown to the target audience. Often within a few days you see poor performance, and then advertising is restored, so do not try to tune it too often.

Set a threshold for the desired results, and when you see 3–4 days out of these results, stop advertising and update your campaign with a new image or, perhaps, test a new audience.

The target audience
Mastering Facebook Targeting Strategy allows you to appear in very specific and often motivated segments of your audience.

The best way to optimize advertising on Facebook is to select the target audience as accurately as possible. Narrowing your target audience,You can reduce competition from other brands that post similar ads and target the same audience. Remember that you can use any combination of targeting methods listed below.

Choosing the right audience for your advertising campaigns does not require any additional fees, multi-year training or a group of experts. If you’re not sure if you are targeting the right Facebook audience, read about the three most common mistakes.

The parameters of your audience are too wide
You are not using the Audience Insights tool.
You lack effective filters.
Make an effort, pay attention to what works, and do not be afraid to change the orientation until it becomes correct!

Choosing the right audience for your advertising campaigns does not require any additional fees, multi-year training or a group of experts. If you’re not sure if you are targeting the right Facebook audience, read about the three most common mistakes.

How to avoid the Facebook pixel code on your site
Facebook tracking pixel is a Javascript code in the website header that allows website owners to track customers by clicking on their ads.

Facebook pixel is one of the most important elements of Facebook advertising; if you do not advertise Pixel, you will not be able to use advertising

Not Testing Your Ads

Testing is the real secret weapon behind the biggest advertising campaigns on Facebook. Before using your budget as an idea, run a few options to see how well your goal is responding. Set a low test budget for advertising on Facebook and experiment a bit. Your goal in each test is to gradually increase the effectiveness and profitability of your campaign.

You also had to calculate your own metrics, such as cost per acquisition (CPA), to summarize all the ads, pages, and click counts. Your CPA is calculated as total expense / total number of conversions.

Ignoring video
Video is a powerful tool and can be incredibly useful for creating high-performance ads on Facebook. It allows you to communicate with your audience in a very personal, direct way. It puts you in a room with them!

videos take storytelling to a new level. There is nothing more attractive than seeing messages come alive. The video combines visual effects and sounds.

Winning design
The most important part of your ad is how well it is designed. If your message is unclear, you will not receive clicks.

It is important to remember the principles of any advertising. This is the relevance, value of a single call to action. Creative graphics can help you achieve all of this. If you are looking for something like this, it should be noted.

Do not waste your advertising budget on Facebook to be vague. Do a little research, do some tests, and create an ad that your target audience likes. When it comes to ROI, you need a lot of effort!

Of course, there are many other ways to not spend so much money on advertising on Facebook and Instagram. . Contact us to find out how we can increase the results you get from your ads and prevent further waste of your advertising budget.



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