How to Target the Right Audience in 5 Simple Steps


The “goal” or “market” to which you intend to advertise is called the “audience” on Facebook. You can focus on the super specifically, for example, on the amount of education or income. Targeting options also include age, location, gender, position, and more. The options are almost endless. Seriously. Their targeting options are reliable, including everything from demography to behavior and lifestyle. Targeting is required for each ad, and choosing the right options allows you to show your ad to ideal customers.

Mastering your Facebook Targeting Strategy allows you to appear in front of very specific and often motivated segments of your audience on the web, where Americans religiously spend an average of 40 minutes of their day.

How To Reach Your Target Audience On Facebook

Once you know who you need to reach on Facebook, you will probably begin to wonder how to get your content to the right audience.

If you advertise on Facebook, you can reach your target audience using advanced Facebook targeting options. This will help you to segment subscribers and make sure that your content is delivered to users who are most likely to be able to convert.

As we already mentioned, there are literally hundreds of ways to target people. Remember that you can use any combination of targeting methods listed below.


Demographic targeting is the heart of advertising targeting on Facebook because it allows advertisers to determine who the audience is. Demographics can tell how old your audience is, where they went to school, what they do for work, where they live and much more. Each Facebook advertiser, other than those using a Facebook pixel to create a user audience, must use a combination of demographic targeting in combination with other targeting options.

Demographics that can be targeted with Facebook ads are:

Age — Target users within a specific age range or by generation.

Language — Choose the language your target audience speaks.

Gender — Male, female, or all.

Relationship — Gender user is interested in and relationship status.

Education — Education level, field of study, school attended, etc.

Work — Industry, job title, employer, and office type.

Location — Everyone in a specific location,


Remarketing is one of my favorite topics. I previously wrote a few posts about it. remarketing ion Facebook is known as the cheapest advertiser because it allows you to show your ads to a user who has already visited your site or clicked on one of their products/services or shared their phone number or email I would.

Here are four types of remarketing options that you received through Facebook. It is very powerful.

People who visited your website

  • Custom List of Email
  • Custom List of Phone Numbers
  • Custom List of Facebook User-ID
  • You can show these visitors ads that remind them of products they have visited on your site

Life Events Targeting

Orientation to life events is a truly unique opportunity for a business to place an advertisement at the right moment. For many companies, time is the key to success, and life events ensure that your ad is shown at the right time. Companies with event-based products and services, as well as companies offering event-based promotions, are great for targeted events because they reach your audience when they most need your product or service.

Facebook has almost all possible options for targeting life events, as we try to publish them in our timeline.

Life Events is unique in the sense that you can target people at specific intervals after the change.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook user audience is a certain group of people to whom you can display your ads, for example, a list of your past clients. This is done by loading the hashed list of clients. The audience of Facebook users is perhaps the most valuable target audience, because it allows you to redirect visitors to the previous site and people who have worked with your content or application. There are several ways to create your own audience, and we briefly reviewed each of them..

In addition, custom audiences can be used to create similar audiences — potential new fans, subscribers, and customers who share key functions with existing customers and fans.

Facebook Audience Insights can provide you with valuable demographic information for any of your user audiences. You can then use this information to identify new potential connections to Facebook.

Interest-Based Targeting

Interest orientation is also the most complex and difficult targeting method. This is the only targeting method in which you choose an audience, rather than downloading people who already interact or buy from you, or allow Facebook to use their algorithms to create an audience for you.

I highly recommend to be as specific as possible according to your interests. This is due to the fact that common interests, such as “online marketing”, include many specific interests, such as “advertising on Facebook” or “content marketing”. If you target your ad to Facebook advertisers, you don’t want to target all online advertisers, otherwise, your conversions will suffer.

Advertisers on Facebook have a whole world of opportunities when it comes to targeting advertising to a target audience and advertising goals. Each business must strategically consider how it can use various targeting options to successfully reach its customers.

Determining who you want to reach will help you find the most effective Facebook ad targeting tools and options you offer them.



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