Make pool time fun with Merry Go Toys | Inflatable Toys for Kids

Merry Go! Inflatables are fun for the pool, lake, or ocean, with floats and water toys that can be deflated and carried home in a stylish bag. Our Inflatable toys are made from heavy-duty vinyl with a sturdy puncture-resistant PVC inner bladder. They have great graphics and are built for lots of summer fun.

Get festive and create fun on the shoreline this winter with Merry Go Toys, our 26' inflatable raft with Hydro Tube. Made from durable 3-ply PVC vinyl, Merry Go Toys helps you beat mother nature during the winter blues or can be used as a giant floating tent for family members. The Hydro Tube included in Merry Go Toys features multiple heavy-duty grab handles for safety, has reinforced middle seams that withstand four adults standing on it, and includes two ball floats to convert the tubing into a boating wakeboard chute. Part of our popular line-up of inflatable toys, Merry Go Toys

Make pool time fun with Merry Go Toys. These inflatable toys combine a ball and water wings in one unique toy. These toys are soft and flexible with the convenience of inflation or deflation for convenient storage. Merry Go Toys have bright colors that kids love, and they’re made from eco-friendly materials. They’re suitable for hours of nonstop fun in the water. No matter the occasion, our inflatable toys can help make the celebration even more fun. With a variety of designs in all shapes and sizes, our inflatables can be used for anything from parties to get-well wishes. Inflatable Toys are fun for all ages!
These Merry Go Toys are designed for hours of fun in the sun (even indoors). This product line includes a series of vehicles that can be used as inflatable ride-on or inflatable floats. The products are made out of durable vinyl material and blow up in mere minutes.



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