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The Merry Go Sunglass for kids is a fun way for your little one to keep protected from the sun. An adjustable headband is comfortable with or without a headcover.

Children’s eyes are more susceptible to UV and HEV radiation than adult eyes because the lens inside a child’s eye cannot filter these high-energy rays. This is especially true for young children, so it’s wise for kids to start wearing protective sunglasses outdoors as early in life as possible.
Merry Go is an eyewear and accessories company created with a single goal: to give kids a pair of glasses that they will love. We were tired of participating in the battle every time we took our son for his checkup because he didn’t want to wear his current pair. So, we decided to do something about it. Merry Go Eyewear for kids features all of the fun frames your little ones will love while protecting their young eyes from harmful UV rays with UV400 lenses.

While many colorful frame styles are available, sunglass companies have understood a child’s desire to look like their parents or older siblings.

Oval, round, rectangular, cat-eye and geometric shapes are all popular in cool, sophisticated colors like green, blue, tortoise, and black. Metal frames are very popular, but so are plastic sunglass frames that look like scaled-down versions of trendy adult styles.
Merry Go Eyewear is designed and sized with kids in mind. Our wireframes provide a cutting-edge look that children will love to wear while the polycarbonate lenses blast their eyes with pure white light to ensure maximum protection from harmful UV rays. Merry Go symbols and sharp lines are sure to make them smile, so up to 8 of their friends can wear the same prescription for the ultimate matching experience. Their flexible, durable frame is the perfect way to keep your little ones protected as they kick back and relax on sunny days.

Remember, teaching kids to protect their eyes from a young age will pay off through old age. They’ll thank you for it!



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