Smart Toys For Budding Explorers and Astronomy Lovers

Getting kids into astronomy can be fun and educational. We have a wide array of space games, science kits, crafts, and books that will teach the young ones about the wonders of our universe. They’ll discover important concepts while they thoughtfully design and assemble rockets, telescopes, and other projects. You’ll be amazed at how fast your little astronaut grows!

If you have a budding astronaut at home — or the parent of one — here’s a guide to some of the best space-themed toys and gifts they’ll find fun and interesting.

Fun, Safe, and Simple! here’s for Your Toddler

Imagine your child learning to fly a Space Shuttle as a favorite activity in the house. This is a good warming toy for children during the summer months. Or imagine them playing with their Space Shuttle as a favorite sport in their favorite weather.

The space shuttle is a classic children’s toy. But do children know that it can also be used to help improve their memory? The foam is effective for memory training, but it also helps regulate blood circulation to the brain. Learning how to fly a space shuttle through fun and games can better focus and improve memory. This activity provides an excellent way to get your age group engaged with activities they might not have considered before.

Mysteries of space through a child’s eyes

Keep the kids occupied with imaginative, hands-on activities and inspire curiosity with our Out-Of-This-World Space Toy Assortment. This fun collection includes everything from a Space Shuttle to a Dancing Astronaut to a Dandelion Gumdrop.

Kids have a knack for inventing things. Out-of-this-world toys are a favorite among child variety show hosts because they’re creative. This assortment of space toys makes a great keepsake for the home or classroom. Give each child a reprieve from classroom duties with some hands-on STEM education.

Who doesn’t want to shoot things in the sky?

Space Flying Saucer Shooters Kid”” “”is a tradition that has been passed down through the generations. If you’re looking for a fun way to get your kid involved in the holidays, then surely this is what you’re looking for. A great family activity that will leave them smiling and wanting more. This wonderful set of Signal Streamers creatively combines both sound and light effects to create art work that will be enjoyed by children of all ages. This is an activity that will truly stand out among other nearby holiday displays because of the imaginative combination of visuals, sounds, and animations used in its creation.

Fun Foam Metallic Rocket Flyers On A Roll

The Foam Metallic Rocket Flyers are super fun and quick way to create your own custom 3D rocket ship! They’re great for practicing for space flybys or just having fun in general. These flyers are huge fun for the whole family (and may even rival rocket science as a candidate for Most Creative Activity At Home).

The Galactic Space Party is Coming to Town!

Plastic Aliens shooters are out-of-this-world fun! Awesome Alien Shooters make the perfect party favors and game prizes. Kids will love flinging these creatures into the air and creating their own action-packed party games! (or more likely your grandparents’) belt loop with a tasty treat. The aliens need safe passage through our atmosphere, so they look for “”eating”” food and places where people gather. Food is everywhere.

A Cool Party Idea For the Cold Weather

White Glow Chiffon Balloons make a great, festive addition to any party or gathering. With two different sizes (11"” ), you’ll have enough to get everyone happy and excited about the upcoming holiday season. Whether you’re gifting someone a dozen or giving them as a gift, this little accessory will draw attention and delight from everyone in sight!

Bring An Astronaut To Your Birthday!

What fun would it be if you could bring a part of the cosmos with you on Earth? Now you can come with astronaut toys! Manufactured using high-quality foam and polyester, these galactic responsibility tokens are sure to keep your loved ones entertained for hours. Made in America with a durable gold-tone finish, these tokens are sure to create the perfect additions to any collection. You can purchase these to take on missions with or without your friends and can also personalize with whatever message you’d like on them.



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