The Ultimate List of Kids Unicorn Toys for Your Little Fantasy Lover

The brightly colored manes and shiny horns of unicorns have fascinated people of all ages for centuries. However, they have grown more popular over the last couple of years. While adults may not realize it, playing with unicorns adds a sense of magic to every childhood adventure.

Give your little explorer some extra fun at playtime.

Our top picks of unicorn toys range from plush unicorns perfect for snuggling to unicorn figures with brushable hair or interactive features perfect for playtime. Whatever your unicorn toy needs may be, we’ve got you covered.

This gorgeous rainbow unicorn light would delight any unicorn fan and look amazing, hung up on a bedroom wall or placed on a bedside table.

Unicorn eggs

Combine the cuteness of a unicorn with the magic of an egg. Open a world of imagination and creativity for your little one with this unicorn egg decorating craft kit. This unicorn egg kit is perfect for kids and adults to decorate their eggs. Great for Easter, party favors, or themed birthday parties.

Decorate your very own unicorn egg with this quirky and fun craft kit! You’ll learn a bit about chemistry while creating your masterpiece — a fun learning experience for all ages.

Play the most fun flinging toy game ever!

If your son or daughter is into My Little Pony or Fluttershy or any other craze, they could use some unicorn flinger toys. With the market for these toys skyrocketing, parents are scrambling for the best deals.

Who knew unicorns had so much potential? This awesome flinging unicorn toy is the perfect gift for kids who like to fling stuff.

These unicorn favors will make for great game prizes or goodie bag gifts at your unicorn birthday party! To send them flying into the air, place a finger into the opening on the bottom, pull back on the tail, and release. Bring more cute and trendy style to your bash — shop the rest of our unicorn-themed party supplies.

Squirt it on anything you want this summer!

Give your children an unforgettable summer filled with joy and happiness!

Now your little one can join the thousands of unicorn lovers by getting her adorable squirt toy. This cute toy serves as a comfortable grip and a long-distance shooter.

The super-soft squirt toy is the perfect addition to any unicorn collection. When squeezed, the horn sprinkles magical glitter.

Simply the coolest squeeze toys in the world.

They come in every color and come in multiple sizes, which means they can fit anybody of any age.

Unicorn squeeze toys make awesome gifts for children who truly love magical creatures. Sure, they may not be the gorgeous additions to the household, but if your little one has a passion for mythical beasts, then there is no better way to capture their imagination and give them a fun plaything that will last a long time.

Slime is all the craze these days with the little kids. Have you ever wondered what the inside of slime made out of is? Is it as gross as it looks? Well, we decided to open up one of our favorite slimy toys and find out for ourselves!

Get Your Unicorn Slime Toys Today! Our selection of Unicorn Toys will have your child feeling magical and loved.

Do you remember the magical toy called Unicorn Flakes? Kids across generations knew it well and played with it in their childhood years. It is a mystery substance that smells, looks, and feels just like glittering unicorn poop. Just when you thought that the slime craze had died down, this highly satisfying toy has come to save the day.

If you have a kid, you know how difficult it is to be on a budget when they start asking for stuff. As a parent, you find yourself buying clothes or toys that are too expensive and not worth the quality. Then build their unicorn toy for their favorite doll or stuffed animal.



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