This is a button that was specifically designed to bring the most important business goal to the forefront of its presence on Facebook. Conversion simply makes someone respond to a call to action. A successful CTA leads to a conversion. In most cases, this includes pressing or pressing a button.

This button will connect users to any destination, whether on Facebook or beyond, that will meet the goals pursued by the business.

The only calls to action available on Facebook right now are: contact us, use the app, book now, shop now, play games, watch videos and sign up.

While good design draws attention to your Facebook ads, CTA will increase conversion and convince people to click and take action.

Brands can start implementing one of the CTA buttons to achieve their goals. Each call to action plays an important role, and it should be used wisely so that it does not interfere with the user’s journey and is somehow connected with the communication of the social page.

Pay attention to your ability to add this call to action on your page and prepare to track the results of your clicks.

How To Add A Call To Action Button To Your Facebook Video

We have received quite a few questions about how to set up these calls to action, so today’s blog will give you a quick step by step guide on how to add a call to action to your native Facebook video ..

Step 1: Click “Create a Call to Action” next to the “Like” button on your Facebook cover.

If you do not see this, it means that Facebook has not yet accessed your location. If so, do not worry and keep checking — it should happen soon.

Step 2: Choose what your button wants to say. There are seven choices: “Register”, “Buy Now”, “Contact us”, “Book now”, “Use the app”, “Watch the video” and “Play”. Game “. Choose the one that best matches the web page to which you want to send them.

After you click “Add Call to Action”, you will have the opportunity to choose what you want to say in your call to action. Although options are limited, there should be something for most businesses. You should remember that the “Call to Action” button is relevant.

Step 3:Insert the website URL you want your fans to visit. Click the “Next” button

After selecting the wording for the Call to Action button, you can fill out other suggested fields. The URL field is the landing page your call to action will go to. In the title, you can describe your landing page in a few words, and in the link description you can tell a little more about what your fans will see when they reach your landing page.

Facebook also provides a mobile site option. If your site is already compatible with mobile devices, you can simply use the same link for Bo

Step 4: Select a destination for mobile users.

This is really important for pages that are trying to stimulate the download of mobile applications. If you are not a mobile app, select the website option.

Step 5: Post Your Video! As soon as your video is published, when the fans see it, they will see the call to action that you set up at the end of the video.

You can edit or delete your CTA at any time by accessing your page by pressing the CTA button and selecting “Change Call to Action” or “Delete Call to Action”.

It is important to remember that adding a CTA button to a Facebook page will not increase traffic to your site. I highly recommend inviting users to click on the CTA button using the photo on the cover as shown below.

Go ahead and get creative with these photos on the cover and CTA buttons and see what works best for your brand / business!

The best Facebook CTAs are those that are closely related to the marketing goals of your brand.

Lead generation:
If your overall goal is to use Facebook as a tool to attract potential customers, then perhaps “Better CTA” — “Register”, “Contact us” or “Learn more”. This will allow you to make a list of potential customers by e-mail, with which you will later be able to contact, qualify and convince to try your products and services.

Take action
If you want your Facebook fans to act, use “Use the app”, “Play the game”, “Watch the video” and “Download” and “Buy now” better if you have an online store or a downloadable product.

Now That You Understand The Basics, Here Are Some Call-To-Action Ideas That Can Help Drive Traffic To Your Site And Improve Your Bottom Line:

Order now for consulting calls or introductory meetings *

Contact us to access local customers *

Buy now for any service company or to drive traffic to your Etsy business *

Sign up to expand your mailing list (this should be the default!)

Watch the video can be the gold standard of choice to tell your story

You will also need a great picture on the Facebook cover if you expect your Call to Action button to succeed.

It is important that you keep your CTA fresh, as is the case with your ad in general. A good old-fashioned A / B test is a great way to determine which CTAs bring you clicks and which CTAs cause you to be dissatisfied.
Have you tried the new CTA feature on your Facebook page? We would like to hear if you have seen the results. Share your thoughts and observations with us.



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