Top 11 Facebook Advertising Tools to Optimize Your Ad

There are dozens of Facebook ad tools. I’m going to share the 11 best tools of the which will help you to target the right audiences, to optimize your ads and more, and improve your ROIPower Editor.

Facebook can help you drive thousands of leads on a daily basis. The problem is that a lot of companies have advertisements on Facebook , even if you have unlimited money, you still cannot get the results you really want.

Facebook is one of the most used websites on the Internet. Learning to use Facebook advertising tools will help you stay ahead of the competition while marketing to these users.

11 of the Best Facebook Marketing Tools to Optimize Your Social Promotions

These Facebook advertising tools can create campaigns, monitor their success, offer next steps, and reorganize customers on Facebook even after visiting your website, blog, or other proprietary assets.

Facebook Ad Manager lets you choose parameters for your campaign, your purpose and your audience. Managing your creative work is also very easy with the use of Facebook Ads Manager tools. Like other systems, Facebook Ad Manager will show a preview of how other ads will look. You can also access the layout of the images you want to use, from your daily budget.

To improve your reach, it is important to narrow down your description based on location, age, gender, language, and more. What’s cool is Facebook provides a barometer to let you know if your audience is very specific or very broad. Facebook will also share your estimated daily results reach. This tool will help you target the right demographics and the right section of people. It helps you set your budget to control costs .

Power Editor is an advanced tool that helps businesses efficiently manage multiple campaigns and advertisements on Facebook. You can create, edit and optimize bulk ads, campaigns, and page posts across a large number of different advertising accounts and pages. Power Editor provides a more professional interface that allows you to create and edit multiple listings at the same time, uses advanced functions, and more clearly understand the structure and optimization opportunities of each campaign.

Power Editor is a plugin that works with Google Chrome. It works in the upload and download system, so every time you want to work in Power Editor, you download all your data from the Ads Manager, and then create your campaigns, ads, and ad sets in the Power Editor.

Ad Stage is an excellent tool for advertisers who are looking to expand their horizons outside of Facebook. While Ad Stage offers excellent information for Facebook it can be used with multiple networks.

You can use tools to create ads for platforms such as LinkedIn, Google AdWords, Bing, Twitter and of course Facebook, some with YouTube and Instagram almost ready. You can make budgets, compare, pause campaigns and everything else on all networks with a single tool.

AdStage’s automated rules allow you to track and over-pacing ads within an ad set, schedule ads for a few days/time, pause or promote ads based on performance, run tests, and automatically run a set period of time. The latter allows new creatives to rotate. You can use AdStage to understand how your campaigns are performing on two networks.

Consider this as well — every month, 1.39 billion people use Facebook, of which 1.19 billion are on mobile, and 526 million users are mobile users only. Facebook’s two million advertisers are also Facebook users and about a fifth of people who use Facebook on mobile devices every month.

This is why the company has devoted so many resources to provide a robust mobile experience.

By using the app, marketing professionals have the opportunity to:

  • Track ad performance.
  • Edit existing ads.
  • Edit schedules and budgets.
  • Create ads.
  • Receive push notifications.

The Ads Manager app for Android is in progress and will be released this year, according to Facebook’s product launch announcement.

Facebook Pixel is a must have Facebook ad management software component for any online business.

Facebook Pixel helps marketers track visitor activity on their website after a user has viewed or clicked on an ad. By adding a piece of code to your website, you can measure, optimize and build audiences for your advertising campaigns.

Facebook advertisers use the Pixel Helper plug-in because it lets you track what followers of your Facebook page do outside of Facebook. The Facebook Pixel Helper is used to put Facebook Pixel together to find out if the pixel is in working order.

With Pixel, you can attract customers who buy your products or services from any offline and online source, increase the number of these customers by finding the right people to target, and measure your data with 100% accuracy.

This Australian-born tool is a favorite for its super-friendly interface and a great variety of options. It includes templates and images, both free of charge and paid for, and they never stop including new choices.

This design tool comes in handy anytime you need to create a custom image, an activity that you will find yourself doing a lot of times if you are managing your company’s Facebook marketing efforts

Canva also includes a large image library (some of which are free, some of which have a fee for them) so that you can take an attractive image for your advertisement. The great thing about Canva is that it actually comes with image sizes that already work for Facebook ads which makes things extremely easy on your end.

The standard size images are perfect for Facebook ads, which will make your life a lot easier, as Facebook is very sensitive about the size of images used in advertisements nowadays.

Facebook offers several ad variants and targeting options, making it challenging to test each of them because it takes a lot of time to set-up. Fortunately, multivariate technology from AdEspresso makes it easy to test and optimize ads that increase the ROI of your campaigns. You can be quite selective with what you aim for. If you work with AdEspresso, you will see how straightforward it is. You can get started in minutes. Plus, visual analytics tools are quite powerful and easy to understand.

Creating multiple variants for testing was the reason it was set up in the first place. Since then, they’ve added:

And their A/B testing capability helps you create thousands of variants of your Facebook ads. You can focus on key metrics with easy to use customizable dashboards.

One of the better platforms for creating your next best Facebook advertising campaign is Qwaya, although some comment on the lack of visual input that apps like AdEspresso have.

Qwaya comes with tracking features such as URL Builder and Google Analytics integration, both of which are not part of the Facebook Power Editor. It provides an efficient ad creation workflow. You can schedule the campaign to run at a certain time of day. And you can optimize performance by stopping ads and campaigns that don’t work and more.Qwaya also has some very interesting features. This allows working with a team of users, which is certainly a great option for agencies or companies that require the management of large advertising accounts — where continuous ad monitoring may be required.

It is crucial to test every single option and idea you have in terms of promoting your products and services . This includes:

With Qwaya, you can A/B test your Facebook ads to gain a true understanding of which ads are performing the best, and at what times.

If you want to know what is going on in your industry, then you need to use Buzzsumo.It seems pretty obvious that you will need to know what content performs best for your competitors. When you create an ad, you are still competing for your prospects and time.

In terms of advertising, it helps on two fronts:

*Identify keywords to work with: Through Buzzsumo’s search function, you will be able to see which keywords are popular.

*Find out which kind of content engages the audience: This could help shape the design of your ad. By finding out what headlines and articles performs best with your target audience , you will be able to tailor your design accordingly.

Buzzsumo analyzes top-performing content on social media. Businesses can then use this data to focus their campaigns on select keywords or to collaborate with key influencers.

The scale of BuzzSumo data makes it popular with marketers around the world. Whether you are creating Facebook posts or advertisements, this is a tool that you cannot do without.

AdSpringr is another social media marketing tool that facilitates the management and optimization of your Facebook ads. Using ROI-centric algorithms, AdSpringr lets you analyze your bids with conversion rates, CPA, target settings, and more. Using ROI-centric algorithms, AdSpringr lets you analyze your bids with conversion rates, CPA, target settings, and more.

In terms of advertising, it helps on two fronts:

The ad creation features offered by AdSpringr allow you to track your creative’s performance and allow you to clone ads. AdSpringr also provides automated reporting with a view of graphs and key parameters. Use this software to optimize your images and content and then gather real-time data from your advertisements. This resource will help you stay one step ahead of the competition with graphical reporting and intelligent auto bidding features.

With Flow, you can easily sync millions of records every hour. Driftrock allows you to connect one or more of your data sources, conduct audience segmentation and then sync it with Facebook or other social media channels.

With Driftcore Flow, you can automatically sync your Campaign Monitor subscriber list to target advertisements to your email monitor subscriber, create multi-touch campaigns, and increase visibility of your marketing campaigns.

Driftrock Flow Features:

  • Automatic sync client/contact sync, every 3 hours
  • Support for multiple campaign monitor lists
  • Ability to quickly create lookalike audiences to develop your customers
  • An ultra-fast setup process in which you have to match the audience in minutes

Syn Facebook offers a “Leads Advertising Tool”, offered by DriftRock, that syncs data from your CRM to your Facebook advertising account. It performs downstream analysis to optimize your ads, ad sets and campaigns. This equipment helps reduce costs by more than 50%.


These tools can help you reach your prospects and customers in a very efficient way. You can start a conversation and build relationships. Most of these are free or at least offer a free trial, so don’t be afraid to jump in and experiment with what works best for your brand.

More than 900 million people visit Facebook every day. You can either ignore this audience or do whatever it takes to turn some of these people into paying customers.

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