Ultimate Facebook Ad Hacks for Winning Campaigns


There are some Facebook advertising tactics that work like magic every time I’ll share with you a little-known Facebook advertising traffic hack which will help you to make a effective ad set.,

From my experience managing Facebook advertising campaigns, there are a few secrets to creating effective ads on this platform that can and will drive new visitors to your website.

In this post, I’ll share with you a little-known Facebook advertising traffic hack which will help you to make a effective ad set.

Since Facebook groups can be a significant traffic source but there is currently no option to target people in facebook groups with Facebook ads. but now the good news is that thanks to retargeting option.

A Facebook group is a community on Facebook that shares the same interests and that enables members of the group to communicate with each other and share information.

There are three types of Facebook groups closed, public and secret.

Closed groups

  • Anyone can see the group and request to join but the posts are only inside of the group.
  • Closed groups can still appear on your Facebook wall but can only be seen by other members of that same group not your friends

Secret groups

  • No one can get access to the group
  • No one can ask to join the group and
  • It doesn’t appear in the search results

Public group

  • Anyone can see the group its members and the posts published
  • Facebook doesn’t provide the option to display ads in facebook groups so leveraging that power can be quite limited but thanks to retargeting you now can
  • This traffic hag is simply the process of creating and publishing a video on your Facebook page
  • The video can be a live video or a pre-recorded video and then sharing that video post onto your Facebook group. before recording your video though start by writing the script for it.

Your Video Script Remember that

-The first 10 seconds of your script should grab attention there are many ways to grab the attention. It could be from showing a very original image to asking a question

-Your video script should also build interest. Interesting statements or statistics are an effective way to build interest questions are also effective to build interest you can also create interest by inviting your audience to imagine something

-Your Facebook the video script needs to persuade your audience that you know what you are talking about and that’s why they have to continue listening to you.

-There are many ways to create persuasion including proof either through demonstrating how a product works before and after pictures testimonials etc.

-Make sure you share great tips so your audience feels they are learning something interesting from you the more they learn the more likely they will engage with your video and the more they will share it

-in this video, you don’t need to add any call to action. simply provide great value in the form of quality content and infamy because the aim of the video is for as many people to watch it so you can retarget them with Facebook ads

recording your video

-once your script has been written you will need to record it when recording your video basic equipment is required the equipment required is

-Camera phone cameras are not good enough to produce quality videos

-Tripod to keep the camera steady if using a phone to record your video phone tripods can be used

-Lights can be quite pricey so if you can’t invest in professional light use natural light

-Microphone quality sound is very important if you don’t have quality sound your video can look unprofessional we recommend using lapel microphones which can easily be clipped on clothes and remain discreet

-A teleprompter is optional but can come in handy if you plan to record a long script and avoid forgetting what you say or avoid pausing to find your words we recommend prompted maxy teleprompter

Once you have recorded your video you can edit it using editing software such as

Editing software will allow you to remove unwanted parts add sound effects and music add text on your video and add images

Once your video is ready to publish it on your Facebook page and then share the post on to your Facebook group.

To do so simply click on share below your post.

Then type the name of the group you would like to publish your video post onto.

If you have several Facebook groups a drop-down menu will appear simply select the one you want this will allow your group members to watch the video so when you want to display ads to your group members you can simply set up an ad and choose to display the ad only to people who have viewed your video.

log into your Facebook account and select create ads based on the goal you would like to achieve with your ads

Choose your campaign objective from the 11 different options you have

let’s say you want to display ads to your Facebook group members about a free offer you have to capture their details to build your mailing list if that’s the case simply choose lead generation as a campaign objective alternatively if you want to display an ad to your Facebook group members for them to visit your website then choose the campaign objective traffic.

once you’ve selected your campaign objective name it such as traffic campaign for Facebook group members that way you can easily back to that campaign and click on continue. Then next to custom audiences

Create Custom Audiences

Click on create new and select custom audience when you do a drop-down menu will appear simply select engagement.

and then select video so you can create a targeting list of people who have watched a particular video then decide who out of the people who’ve watched a certain video. you want to target you’ll have the choice between how long you want people to have watched your video before you display as to them,

for example, you can choose to create an audience of people who have watched at least 75% of your video.

The longer they watched your video for the more interested and engaged they were with it which means the more likely they’ll be receptive to your Facebook ads.

Then click on choose videos and select the Facebook page you initially publish the video on and tick the box next to the video if you published multiple videos on your Facebook page all the videos will be displayed and you’ll have to find the one you also share it on your Facebook group then click on confirm.

Then decide whether you want to create an audience based on the latest people who have watched your video.

for example, only people who have watched the video in the past two weeks or whether you want to create an audience based on people who have watched your video regardless of how long ago if that’s the case just put 365 days. So Facebook will be based on the people who have watched your video at any time during the past 365 things.

Then name your audience so you can easily find it again and use it for other Facebook advertising campaigns you run and click on create an audience.

NOTE- it can take up to 30 minutes for Facebook to create the orders for you and you will be notified by Facebook when it’s ready.

Refine Your audience

You can then refine the audience you just created a bit further by specifying the age you want them to be their gender and their location.

Then simply follow the prompts by specifying your budget and then putting your Facebook ad together by writing your headline ad copy and call to action Read our article on Refine Your Facebook Audience for Better Ad Targeting

Facebook advertising isn’t a big mystery, but it does take an understanding of your customer base and a concrete goal with the appropriate messaging to achieve it. It may take some research into your category or some testing of different types of ads to figure it out, but that extra legwork should pay off and turn Facebook ads into a sustainable, profitable part of your business.

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