Write facebook ad copy to get maximum lead conversion

Advertising on Facebook is one of the most powerful tools available for companies to expand their customer base. Most people think that photography and targeting are the secrets of success. I can say with confidence that there is no advertising on Facebook without any text.

This is not an environment where you can let an image speak for itself and expect results. You must describe by adding text on it. Decide who your audience is, you must clearly understand who you want to focus on. Not only does the definition of your market segment help you choose the right one

Start with an image
Your copy should somehow relate to your image. If readers cannot quickly and easily understand what you are trying to tell them, they are not going to search long to find out.

Use as little text text as possible, if at all possible. Facebook only allows text to occupy 20% or less of your image. Images with more text get less exposure.

Most likely, the title is what the user sees second after the image. Thus, it becomes a huge focus for creating your copy.

Use numbers — Vianinja found that headlines, including numbers, were by far the most successful: 36% of readers prefer them. Choosing a title with a number gives you some confidence that even if the author is crazy, you will see “7 ways to become the best chef.” There should be at least one or two steps that are worth reading, even if others do not hit the target.

Make it clear and concise — long headlines may be full of weak words. Remove unnecessary words and leave only those that make sense. Do this, and your main message will become clear.

Create a sense of urgency Adding urgency is just one of the factors to consider. You should also pay attention to the quality of the agreement you are proposing (50% of the premium product) or only 5%?, As well as the remarkable function that needs to be performed. Nothing attracts readers to action, like the thought of missing something good. In the end, we all heard about FOMO — the fear of missing.

Add Supporting Text (The Body Copy)

Focus on important information. People endlessly scroll through the messages in their news feed, so you have little time to stop and read your message. Make sure you include all the important information at an early stage. You can have up to 90 characters in your main copy, but a limit of 40 characters is regularly advertised as best practice for achieving good results. In general, shoot short and sweet.
Below is an advertisement for Lisa Larter, a copy and image of which complement each other.

Enable Call to Action
A call to action will help a business turn a viewer, visitor or reader into a sales leader. CTAs can perform various actions depending on the purpose of the content. CTA “in the top blue text of your ad” title.

Without an ad copy, your ad will be very confusing. Users will not know what to do about it. Users will have no reason why they should stop and pay attention.

View ad relevance rating
Your relevancy score is important because it determines both the cost per click on Facebook and the frequency with which your ads appear on Facebook. This is their way of telling you one of two things: “hey, your ad is kicking ass” or “get out of here with this garbage.” As for writing content, write your compatibility to write in accordance with the audience of your audience. As soon as you check the various elements of your ad, especially your copy, to see what works.

With a copy of the announcement, you indicate this reason. You provide the basic why. You answer the most favorite clients of the client: “How is it profitable to me?”



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